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Cédric Tosoni


There are some other tales from this punky era, like when Anderson took over a public access TV channel and proceeded to glare at the camera and count slowly and deliberately to 273."I did?" She guffaws loudly at the possibility. "You see, there are certain areas I don’t remember; I can’t tell you if that’s not true. There was a student film I did where I was playing a horse and neighing. It’s very odd and I have no memory of it what so ever, but people do have footage of it, it did happen. So I may well have counted up to 273. I wonder why that particular number?"Better still was high school graduation night when Anderson and her chums broke back into school fully intending to glue all the doors shut- School’s Out and all that. Everyone bolted but her when the police arrived, her stilettos proving too cumbersome. Under arrest she refused to grass."Actually I wasn’t wearing high heels. I stepped on a nail which kind of slowed me up. I refused to say who else was there, and they threatened not to let us graduate, so I had to do public service for a week. It was really humiliating, I had to wash windows and mop doors… my purple hair and all. I remember the man who had to check on me was really mean. He didn’t take me seriously at all, huh, HUH. He didn’t pay me any respect."
- Gillian Anderson 
(Melody Maker, 1997) 




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